Malte Herold is a young danish artist educated within Art and Technology at Aalborg University. He works with experience based interfaces in the area of somaesthetics and interaction.

With his work he intends to provoke people to think of their environment and everyday life, through a new set of eyes. His inspirations are artists who work with creative programming and interaction design, such as Cardiff and Miller and Zimoun.

Previously he has, in collaboration, worked with a broad spectrum of artworks/installations ranging from data visualisation through light for Dong Energy to another project using capacitive sensing as a medium for a large scale game installation for DGI (Sports organisation in DK).

As of now Malte Herold is working with his own creation called ‘RandomImageGenerator’ which is a software created for the intent of creating randomised digital art through the use of public domain/cc0 images.

Aalborg Surreal 2019