Pernille Kofoed Madsen works with art and technology and creates both interactive and non-interactive artworks. Her focus is on creating work that encourages fantasy, exploring new possibilities and looking into the future.

Her work method is based on exploration – it starts with an idea, but during the process it develops, morphs and becomes the result of a creative process that reflects her state of mind in the moment. She focuses on making art that is set in the present, takes inspiration from current movements in society and creates abstract interpretations of them.

Further she has worked a lot with creating temporary urban spaces that encourage citizens to use the urban space in a new way, interact with one another or enjoy seeing the city from a new perspective.

The approach to her work with urban spaces is based on what she observes in the moment, and she attempts to transform these non-spaces into a more inviting space.

Aalborg Surreal 2019