NMAAR (Nicolei Martin Aagaard Rasmussen) f. 1979 has been an active artist for the last 20 years. In 2004 NMAAR graduated from Seminaret for Kunst & Håndværk in Kerteminde as an art teacher and today works as an illustrator, musician and visual artist.

He is a member of the art collective The Wayward Sons with Jepser Bolo Petersen and is moreover a part of the Art-Money project as an artist. He worked as an illustrator at Pixed Interactive 2008 – 2013 and managed Galleri Sort Firkant in Odense 2009 – 2014.

The visual universe of his art revolves around the dark and unknown, as well as the reality we live in with the hate and fear between men and our burning earth. His style can be light and airy, or massive and vulgar.

The paintings tell their own story or comment on the uncomfortable aspects of the world, like a snapshot taken mid-incident. It is up to the viewer to write and interpret the full picture, which might elicit many subjective feelings and thoughts.

Aalborg Surreal 2019