UI designer by day and artist by night, Lark (Valerija Trane) moved to Aalborg roughly 6 years ago.

During these years the art community and because of the opportunities for self-expression in Aalborg, it had triggered an artistic itch within her and she started to experiment with the art and began to take part in different events, like “The call for art” at KUL Nordkraft in May 2015, Exhibition at Caffeine LV in November 2015, “Aalborg Surreal” in the December 2015, live art performance at Aalborg MetalCafe in 2016, a little personal exhibit with Kamilla Marlene Roy Mez and Kart Koosapoeg in KUL Nordkraft during the summer 2017, and many more.

By now, most of the artist’s portfolio consists of graphical and illustrative works, but Valerija wants to experiment more within performance and installation art.

Aalborg Surreal 2019