alias Au2pilot, is a local based electronic musician and DJ, who navigates in the field of electronic music, production, DJ’ing and creating visuals.
The inspiration for his music is complex and reflects both influences from various genres like IDM, breakbeats/breakcore glitch, techno, noise, minimalism, electronified hiphop, classic music, post rock and other genres.

In the early EP Tivolitiz an eclectic and fragmented style of IDM/breakcore was created, and au2pilot later further developed to new genres in the masterpieces Blind and Fatamorgana from the label Uhrlaut (mastered by HVAD), both including inspiration from visual culture – the use of cut up samples of e.g. David Lynch quotes work as a contra puncture of the music structure – and the music creates surreal / hyperreal associations for the listener.
As a DJ au2pilot often uses his advanced mixing skills to create flow in complex rhythm structures, do make the perfect new interpretation of old school rave attitude. .

Aalborg Surreal 2019