Gabriella Golden is an artist living in Accrington, Lancashire, UK. She grew up an only child and often found ways to amuse herself building world’s within her head. She also adored reading comics and watching cartoons which would further fuel drawing.

During the course of her life experiences have both bolstered and hindered her creativity. Art college was not for her, she attended Blackburn College for almost a year and resigned it in pursuit for paid work. She never stopped studying art, she simply chose the subjects that made her happy and experimented new ideas and techniques without constraints. This approach was much lonelier and not as well guided.

In 2015 she landed her first professional job as a comic book artist with local comic book publishers Wizard’s Keep, and joined their team as a colouring assistant for their fantasy sci-fi epic, World’s End 2.

Since then she has continued her works with Wizard’s Keep and is also working separately from her own studio making beautiful eyesores.

Aalborg Surreal 2019