Emma Bernadette Marquard Otzen is born in Copenhagen, but due to her studies of Art and Technology, she moved to Aalborg in the summer of 2018 shortly after graduating a study in Sustainable Fashion Design. She is exploring the dualities of life through her work, where empathy meets control. Where labelling becomes a means to control the trauma of oneself and the masses, in order to achieve the illusion of happiness. Which often is promoted as achievable by ignoring the trauma of the world and by obeying the mathematics of life.

This duality is being explored through the lenses of dystopian scenarios, mostly as pictorial works with text- both painted and drawn and using mirrors, beans and human teeth. She is inspired by how biology can be used as a tool to show our emotional condition, which is affected by the condition of the world. This is a microcosmic reality where a tooth can be a symbol of societal control and an eye can be used to explain connections and to experience empathy across borders.

Aalborg Surreal 2019