Our vision is to form artistic symbiosis and nurture the creative power within all people. We arrange unique events to inspire, cause wonder, connect people in creative communities, and give aspiring artists an opportunity to develop their artistic originality, self-confidence, and career, with integrity and dignity. It’s all about art, learning, and community


Aalborg Surreal stated in early 2015 when the founders Benjamin Hugo Lager and Jens Bugay-Hougaard found that there were a number of undiscovered artist with nowhere to exhibit their art. They came up with the concept of the Aalborg Surreal event, giving new up-and-coming artists creating art with a more or less surreal twist an opportunity to experience exhibiting for the public.

The first event, Aalborg Surreal #1, was held at Byens Rum in Aalborg in March 2015 and became a surprising success despite only 6 artists exhibiting. The same year the equally succesful Aalborg Surreal #2 exhibiting 17 artists was also held at Byens Rum.

Aalborg Surreal #3 with almost 30 artists was the first art exhibition event held at Ved Stranden 13 in Aalborg, opening up the venue for several future art exhibitions and events. It was also the first time performance artists were included.

In November and December 2016 we held a four week festival in collaboration with Huset in Hasserisgade with many smaller exhibitions, performances, events and happenings, with a total of nearly 40 artists.

Then in October 2017 we held a two day event, Aalborg Surreal #4 at 1000fryd in Aalborg, with 36 artists exhibiting and performing both indoors and outdoors.


We have plans for many future events and exhibitions.

Aalborg Surreal 2019