Aalborg Surreal is a platform that gives upcoming artists the opportunity to present and exhibit their work to the public, and offers the audience a chance to explore, experience and discuss the local art scene.



Location: HUSET, Hasserisgade 10

See Huset's website for opening hours


Free entrance

November 18, 20:00 OPENING EVENT
November 21 - November 23: 

Over the course of 3 days, Morten Poulsen will offer the audience the opportunity to experience a concert like they never have had before.


Focus will be on intimacy, by experiencing a concert alone for yourself or with a friend. But more than this, you will experience the music through your body, by lying on a bed which vibrates the music and sends it around your body. Think of it as your own private session where you have the opportunity to experience music in an intimate and bodily way. But you have to allow yourself. Book your own session now.


More information, and access to the schedule after the click

November 25, 20:00 EXHIBITION 1 OPENING

Let's celebrate the start of the first exhibition period. In addition to the artworks by our five artists, you can expect performances by the following people.

November 25 - December 02: EXHIBITION PERIOD 1
December 04 - December 09: EXHIBITION PERIOD 2
December 09, 20:00 EXHIBITION 2 ENDING

On December 9th, we will finalize the second exhibition period. In addition to the artworks by our seven artists, you can expect the following:

December 11 - December 16: EXHIBITION PERIOD 3
December 16, 20:00 FINAL EVENT
  • Troels Rogild

    Self-taught painter since 2012.


    Uses traditional stencil methods as a base for making highly detailed paintings with acrylics on canvases.

    The idea behind the paintings is to take things we know, and twist them to show thoughts about society and ourselves.


    When the inspiration have settled, there is countless hours of hand cutting multiple layers of stencil in every piece, before the painting can start.


  • Inna Meškauska

    ...и, как небо, меняя тона —

    хотите —

    буду безукоризненно нежный,

    не мужчина, а — облако в штанах! (В. Маяковский)



    Raise your head and drink the sky. Drink the peace, calmness, serenity...


    - Can you break through the lid?

    - I am trying... One more push...I can already feel the fresh air...

    - One second, last try...We are out! Finally! Free! Floating with the stream...floating with the life...


    The painting portrays clouds, flowing out from the bottle. The 'vodka' bottle is painted in details, whereas the background is blurred; therefore making the location unclear, allowing the viewer to make his own story.


    The clouds represent peace, which we miss in everyday life. People never stop and raise their heads to watch the sky, so the sky inhabitants came down...When was the last time when I looked into the sky?


  • Bong Delfin

    "Hydrodeepism" (hydro deep ism) is a personal ideology, artistic method developed and a term conceived by the artist from the words "hydro dipping", a traditional technique of printmaking which are commonly known as marbling, swirling, water transfer, etc. This method was used for a thousand of years, it is called "Suminagashi" in Japan and "Ebru" in Turkey. Regardless of the terminology used, it is the basic idea of dropping a special paint or pigment on the surface of the water and transferring the aqueous surface design or carefully manipulated patterns to the paper or any material by the process of dipping.


    Whilst it is commonly used for its aesthetic and decorative appeal, the artist's interest  is only focused on the spontaneity and randomness of the output. His main objective is subverting the old, accessible and almost mass produced practice into something high art and contemporary. The subversion of the technique gave the artist a surrealistic and unique distinction between a painting and a printing.


    "Selfie" series is a body of works that were done by the contrasting integration of the different techniques like hydro dipping, stenciling, collaging, taping and brush works. It is the artist's idea of portrayal of the daily constraining battles on how a modern day artist  make and develop artistic ways or ideals that can best represent his generation, in connection to the modern world of internet and social media.


  • Cody Anderson

    Cody Lukas Anderson is a young Danish / Canadian interdisciplinary artist based out of Aalborg (Denmark), currently studying Art and Technology at AAU. His work often focuses on/ incorporates elements of symbolism; abstracting concepts and designs, narrowing in on their core meaning, only in order to manipulate it and extracting new meaning. Having exhibited in various festivals and exhibitions in Canada, Denmark and most recently France, Cody is most interested in how one is able to alter public perception through the arts and break social stigma.


  • Kim Stig Andersen

    I am Kim Stig Andersen. Grown up in Vendsyssel, and after a little break in Copenhagen moved back to the island, in Nørresundby. I've studied Danish, but now I study history. I call my art naive and constructivistic, while still throwing questions into the political debate.


  • Nynne Silje

    My whole life has centred around artistic expression. Through photography, drawing, painting and creative pursuits, I have rooted myself and found an outlet for my inner self. Since 2006 I have focused on producing disparate universes on canvas, which could be experienced in Gallery Inuit and Huset, amongst others. My inspiration spans from photographs, dreams and other artists to experiences, words and fantasy. My art is both detailed and abstract, and always expresses a quest for beauty and harmony. My wish is to give the viewer a visual experience where the story is created behind their own eyes. There, it is only the imagination that sets the limits.


  • Frederik Bovbjerg

    Værkerne er alle lavet med inspiration fra eksistentiel angst og forvirring. De repræsenterer den dødelige krops nådesløse fængsling af sindets følte indadvendte uendelighed. I værkerne udtrykkes således de frustrationer som skabes af sindets uopnåelige trang til opløsningen og overskridelse af kroppen, og den angst som skabes af den smertelige erkendelse af kødets fasthed og lurende forfald.


    I flere af værkerne udtrykkes desuden, under stadigt samme tema, den uoverkommelige og umuligt store mængde indtryk der pludseligt kan ramme mennesket, idet virkeligheden indtages i sin helhed og filterløst.

    Det er denne enorme mængde af indtryk der tilbydes af virkeligheden og disses tilsyneladende tilfældighed og nøgenhed, der fremprovokerer den menneskelige angst, som fremstilles i alle værkerne.


    Værk #6 er et udtryk for en ofte foretrukken eskapisme, idet den eksistentielle angst og forvirring tilnærmes af mennesket. Heri fremstilles de skyklapper der er det kropslige forfald. Den legemlige depravation; flugten fra virkelighedens renhed gennem kødelig tilfredsstillelse i et hedonistisk hybris af beruselse og seksuel tilgængelighed. Forhåbentligt fornemmes heri dog også den sagte nytteløshed og tomhed der unægteligt følger.


We'll go out with a bang. In addition to the artists from exhibition period 3, you can enjoy the these works